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Frustrated Bellingham in emphasis: Zoff at BVB

I According to the record, the 19-year-old is stated to have actually been extremely dismayed afterwards, irritated on the grass as well as was hardly to relax from his teammates. Even caretaker Gregor Nobel is claimed to have left his box for an attempt to soothe the children' mood.

Borussia Dortmund won the Little Review derby versus VFL Bochum with 3-0 on Saturday. In the facility: midfield jewel Jude Bellingham.

As the photo reveals, the rage began when Salish Can had to be treated outside the field. Rather than securing the facility in the lack of his adjoining male, Bellingham switched himself right into the offending video game and tore a void. Bellingham are said to have loudly approved Bellingham, the BVB indoor protectors Mats Hummels and also Nico Schlotterbeck, that acknowledged the dangerous tactical behavior. The Englishman returned a little later by breaking down Schlotterbeck for an unclean key.

BVB celebrity: We were all a little upset

The truth additionally includes that the midfield player has blossomed right into one of the finest gamers in the Bundesliga. In 2022/23, bellingham saved bvb several times with its accomplishments.

When asked by Build, Schlotterbeck confirmed that there were discrepancies: That was when Salish Can was outdoors. We pressed expensive, are outnumbered in the back. We were all a little dismayed, stated the German international.

Borussia Dortmund won the Little Review derby against VFL Bochum with 3-0 on Saturday. In the facility: midfield gem Jude Bellingham.

Rather of securing the facility in the lack of his adjoining man, Bellingham switched himself right into the offensive video game and also tore a gap. Bellingham are claimed to have loudly accepted Bellingham, the BVB indoor protectors Mats Hummels and also Nico Schlotterbeck, who acknowledged the risky tactical behavior.

It is not likely that the appropriate foot will certainly continue to be in Dortmund regardless of a contract till 2025.

What or why the reaction of his teammates Bellingham brought this way so remains open, but the photo thinks of explosive details: Behind the hand at BVB is constantly an issue that Bellingham acts tactically partially undisciplined.

Schlotterbeck does not make excellent value to the action: That is part of it. We have made an excellent game. There are no distinctions with a player.


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