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Nessage Three Three Three Three Three Three Thousand Mobile Sports Game 'World Baseball Stars' domestic official launch

-, Google Play, Apple App Store simultaneously launched

-In implementation of various park factors such as weather and wind

-Provided by 1000 Gem in the game worth 10,000 won by 21st


Nessage Thirty-three (4:33) released its new mobile sports game in Korea's Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

World Baseball Stars is a mobile baseball game where you can enjoy the taste of hitting in a short time. Even users who don't know baseball can play easily through simple and intuitive operation.

It offers eight stadiums with park factors, which are different environmental elements such as weather, wind, and stadium size, and realized multiplayer environments with users around the world.

In addition, you can experience the moment of the game through the end of the ninth play, which is the game of the baseball game to play the game.

In addition, it adds the depth of the game with the strategic deck composition of the characters with various stats and a dynamic skill combination based on the actual physical engine.

Meanwhile, has been serviced through Google Play and Apple App Store in more than 140 countries since the start of the global service last year, and commemorating Korea's official service, and a 10,000 won game goods worth 10,000 won by 21st. to provide.

Um Hyung PD said, We will do our best to be a game that is faithful to baseball, such as the thrilling hand of the blow, the strategic player deck composition and the real-time competition between users.

For more information about World Baseball Stars, please visit link .


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