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NBA playoffs: Boston Celtics Put Kevin Durant cold and celebrate comeback

The Boston Celtics also won the second home game against the Brooklyn Nets. The foundation for this was a strong defensive performance in halftime two, so that a 17-point residue could still be bent. Especially Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had no answers against the physical defense. Boston won 114: 107.

Durant was with 27 points (4/17 FG, 18/20 FT) Although TopScorer of the guests, but only met 4 Field Goals and was forced by Boston's Defense to 6 Turnover. Hardly better did Kyrie Irving (10, 4/13, 8 rebounds), whose jumper did not want to fall. The best players of the guests were against Bruce Brown (20, 7/11, 8 Rebounds) and Backup Guard Goran Dragic (18)

Boston kept the Nets in the second half at just 42 points, in the fourth quarter, the Celtics even approved only 17 meters. In addition, Boston's best scorer also woke up in good time, Jaylen Brown scored 10 of its 22 points (9/18) in the final section. Jayson Tatum (19, 5/16, 10 Assists), who were defensively involved against Durant, but often acted unhappy at the front, contributed late to the preliminary decision 7: 0-Run.

Previously, the Boston Rollers had held in the game, especially Grant Williams (17, 4/4 FG, 6/6 FT), Al Horford (16) or Daniel Theis, who in 31 minutes to 15 points (7/9) and 6 rebounds came. Payton Pritchard scored 8 of its 10 counters in the final section.

It was a resident atmosphere in the TD Garden, especially Irving was very surprisingly constant. The first minutes belonged but Bruce Brown, who achieved the first 9 points of the game for Brooklyn and told himself in the defense against Tatum. The offense of the Celtics bolted, the guests quickly led with 14 points. Only with a small Run of Williams (2 threesome) it became a little better.

However, the Nets also won the minutes without Durant, which until then was significantly improved compared to game 1. Tatum remained in the first quarter without Field Goal and Brown was hardly a factor until then. Brooklyn also defended significantly better, especially the first Drive of Celtics has often been suffocated in the germ. So the Celtics attack often stagnated, which also controlled Brooklyn this time the boards.

Celtics defense sets Durant and Irving cold

Another bonus was the production of Dragic, which was immediately in the rhythm from the bench and scored one 16 counter in halftime. Tatum managed, on the other hand, 73 seconds before the break of the first hits, shortly thereafter he let a threesome follow. So the Celtics shaped the score a bit bearable, yet the guests led 65:55.

And the Celtics took the momentum. The ball meanwhile ran much better, especially Tatum stepped as a play maker in appearance. Added to this was more pressure against the ball, especially against Durant, who produced too many turnover again. And so the Celtics pieces worked back into the game, before Theis the game for three minutes before the end of the neighborhood with a small jumper for the first time since 0: 0 once again. Unconcentrities cost Boston but the momentum, unnecessary fouls brought KD simple points from the line. The Nets were still with +5 at the last twelve minutes (90:85).

By Irving, however, could hardly see what to see and Durants Jumper did not fall. Instead, Brown woke up on the opposite side and pushed the lion's proportion of a 11-0 run of the Celtics. It was the first leadership of the evening for the hosts, the Nets stayed without five minutes without points. Guests were just not included, there were almost only jumps that clapped on the ring.

Durant no longer met a flowerpot, for which Celtics then caused Tatum for the decision. Two uniforms, a floater and a pullup threesome within 90 seconds set two minutes before the end to 108: 96, this lead finally made the hosts sovereign over time.

Boston Celtics (2) Vs. Brooklyn Nets (7) 114: 107 (Boxscore), Series: 2-0

The statistics on the game

  • There she was again the infamous defense of the Celtics, at least after the second change. Boston defended in length and heart. After the break, Brooklyn hit only a good 30 percent out of the field, the Celtics only approved Magere 21 trials of the guests and allowed themselves that they met 48 percent of them.
  • In game 1, the dominance under the boards for the hosts was crucial, not today. Both teams each reached 36 rebounds, the Nets even had slight benefits at the offensive board (9: 7). That was actually an important factor for the Nets, but the cool shoot half-time prevented two that one could benefit from it.
  • Jayson Tatum did not just make it this evening. The Nets responded to his gala for kick-off and put the defensive specialist Bruce Brown on the best scorer of Celtics - and that worked. Although Brown is much smaller, yet he managed to stay in front of Tatum. This score from the half-field to three minutes before the end is not a single Field Goal, most of his points came from the FastBreak. But: The 10 assists also show that Tatum did not want to force.
  • Fouls dominated this again. Overall, 55 times were whistled, together both teams took 65 free throw, numerous actors were in Foul Trouble. Al Horford had already reached his 6 fouls in the middle of the fourth quarter, even Durant played at the end with 5 fouls.

Celtics vs. Nets: The votes to the game

Jayson Tatum (Celtics): "That was a fantastic team performance. It was an ugly game, especially in the first three quarters. I did not throw well, but all others have contributed something. It was a team success in one Game in which we need each player. "

Kevin Durant (Nets): "Two, three guys from them always push me around, no matter where I go. These are the playoffs, I have to become more patient. They make their thing really well, now it's up to me To find solutions. "

TATUM INSANE GAME WINNER! Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Game 1 Final Minutes! 2021-22 NBA Playoffs Kyrie Irving (Nets): "We do not have time to hang up the heads and be disappointed. That's playoff basketball and we get to know our team. I do not know if we can move on But we just have to put on a spoon. "

The Star of the game: Jaylen Brown

Jayson Tatum succeeded in the half-field (almost) nothing, not as Boston again Robbte. Instead, it was Brown, who utilized his economies of scale and his power in the second half. The Forward posted 10 of its 22 points in the final section and was the first option of hosts in a phase when Boston searched against ice cold Nets Heaming to open.

The flop of the game: Kevin Durant

Yes, also Kyrie Irving remained blur after his explosion in Game 1 amazingly pale and Durant was also the best scorer of the Nets with 27 points, but rarely KD seemed so "human" as in these first two games against the Celtics. Durant stayed in the second half without hits out of the field (0/10 FG, Premiere), added 4 Turnover in the second 24 minutes. A quota of 23.5 percent or worse, KD had only three times in his playoff career, last in 2016, when KD shot against the Dallas Mavericks 7/33 out of the field.

Celtics vs. Nets: The series at a glance

Game | Date | Time | Home | Away | result

- 1 | 17. April | 21.30 Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | 115: 114 2 | 21. April | 1 o'clock | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | 114: 107 3 | 24. April | 1.30 Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | - 4 | 26. April | 1 o'clock | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | - 5 * | 28. April | TBD | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | - 6 * | 30. April | TBD | Brooklyn Nets | Boston Celtics | - 7 * | 1. May | TBD | Boston Celtics | Brooklyn Nets | -

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