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Last Origin Illustration, Unauthorized NFT Feeling. Overseas Publisher

The character illustrations used in the adult collected RPG developed in Smart Joey have occurred incidents issued as NFT without agreement with the company. Smart Joe said in a 30-day Naver official café, "Last Origin> illustrated as NFT, was issued as NFT. As a result of the company's own survey, the NFT was identified as an ancestor of all employees who worked in the Bangkok Governor of Publisher Pig. Pig's Bangkok corporation is a corporation currently present because it is liquidated in 2020. The corporation disappears, and former employees who have become individual status have been tried to make the illustrations of the game with the developer, publisher, and unauthorized, and have been tried to sell them to NFT. Smart Joe "is a legal response to the appropriate person who is unauthorized, and was under review of legal response from the Line Games Justice team, and was promised to prevent recurrence from Pig side." "I said," I am sorry f

Moss: Book II arrives at PlayStation VR next to its launch trailer

Moss: Book II , the new video game of Polyarc exclusively for PlayStation VR, is now available through PS Store . This is remind you of your responsible, also publishing a new and exciting trailer that you can see leading this news and that shows us a little more of this new virtual reality proposal for PlayStation consoles. "In Moss: Book II, players meet again with the young heroina quill for a new adventure inside the Arcane CPlayStationtle, where they will find themselves with dangers, puzzles and enemies forged in fire and metal," they explain their Creators The return of Little Quill "Your trip with Quill is far from ending and what the players will experience in Moss: Book II will be a challenge full of triumphs and intense moments alike, why she needs you by his side more than ever", He hPlayStation PlayStationsured Josh Stiksma , design director of Polyarc. "Your adventure will be greater than before. Full of more emotion. More inter

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: What does the broken Master mean

Nintendo postponed on Tuesday the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 on the spring 2023 . As a small apology Producer Eiji Aonuma in the video gave a brand new look at link, which will carry in the successor a Destroyed Master Sword with him. Of course, fans speculate wildly over the reasons , which could put behind the broken weapon of the protagonist. What happened to the Master Sword? A last fight against Ganon? What happened to the Master Sword? While Nintendo for the moment another great mystery makes the master sword in Breath of the Wild 2, the Internet is already filled with theories of the fans. Among other things, the YouTube channel Gamexplain has taken the 6-second new gameplay of the sequel under the magnifying glass. In the video, for example, it can be seen that the master sword is not only destroyed, but obviously corrupted by unknown forces . It is obvious that the famous weapon will take a important role in the successor by Breath of t

New Starfield Tease has excited Bethesda fanatics

A new campo tease has bethesda fans excited about the Xbox Series S game, Xbox Seris X and PC to 2022. It remains to be seen if Bethesda's new role play will be launched this year. Many have their doubts. That said, Bethesda seems to trust that every time it launch, it will be "an incredible game". Now, he probably said something similar about fallout 76 at some point. A developer talking about how good his next game is, to a certain extent, to be exempt, but if there was a serious internal concern about the game, there is little chance that Bethesda will make developers promote it. So, what was said? Well, in a new internal interview, the director of the game design, Emil Pagliarulo, a veteran of Bethesda Game Studios, mocked that the game is not only "incredible", but he will have some moments "wow". None of the last two launches of Bethesda Game Studios has scored any of these boxes. Bethesda Game Studios has not marked these boxes from skyrim

Skyrim, Pokémon & Co: These games are your second home

In some games, you sunk so much time that you someday knows them in and out. You will become your second home. We wanted to know about you on Facebook, in which play it goes exactly - and you answered us. In the following 15 games you feel at home. In these games you feel at home Some players never come to rest and take a new game every week, which they play through in the wind parts, then plunge directly to the next. Other, however, spend dozens, if not cooked hundreds of hours in the same game world . Either because there are still unbelievable many undiscovered tasks and collection objects, or because they have grown so much to the heart, that it feels like their second home. We wanted to know of you, in which you play exactly this feeling. Which games ensure that you are relaxing directly and puts the feet when you start them. In short: In which games feels really at home? That's the result:

How to make an advance in Minecraft

Many mobile creatures, or "crowds", wander in the many worlds of minecraft . Sometimes you will want to cut these undead with a strongly pixeled weapon, but you can also turn crowds into pets - somehow. At the very least, you can put them on a leash and walk them. You will have to have a "track" to do this, to guide them. You may naturally meet a track during your travels, but you can also create 1. Here's how to proceed. Building a track To create a track, you must first have upgraded your craft grid in the craftsman. To do this, simply fill the starting grid 2 × 2 with four wooden boards (of any type) to create a craft table. Once you have a craft table, you will need to put four strings and a slime ball in your grid. Slime balls and usually dropped by the Slimes and the string can be generally picked up in the form of drops or when harvested. You will need to place the elements of your grid in the following order: You will then create a track and can

German U 17 wins against Scotland and has EM in mind

The second game was also able to decide the German U 17 in the Eleiterunde of the EM qualifying for itself. After 3-0 against Georgia followed on Saturday a clear 4: 0 success against Scotland. German offspring was from the beginning of sound and scored the 1-0 after half an hour: Hoffenheim's Bishop was the scorer. After the break, Augsburg's pejcinovic almost with the restart to 2: 0 (46.), marriage bishop laced his double pack (57.). Ibrahimovic (FC Bayern), for bishop, made the lid on the fourth gate of the day (76.). On Tuesday (18.30 clock) it goes to the conclusion against the U 17 of the Czechs. Only the group winner qualifies for the EM finals. With two wins from two games, it looks good for Germany so far.

The authors of Ghostwire Tokyo and The Evil Within want to get away from terror and try other genres

Today Ghostwire Tokyo premieres, an adventure in which Akito, a young man with great powers in a dark Tokyo replete with ghosts and demons of all kinds. Despite the presence of all these terrifying elements, Shinji Mikami, director of the study responsible for the game and creator of the Saga Resident Evil, has insisted that he is classified the last work of his team as a game of "action and adventure" and not "terror". Why reasons? goodbye to terror "Quite the opposite of a set of terror" goodbye to terror Shinji Mikami , director of Tango Gameworks, said in an interview for Famitsu that he wanted to explore other horizons beyond what he has characterized him during his entire career. After leading the development of games of The Evil Within with a more than terrifying setting, he wants to change things a little. The director is also the main responsible for the creation of the first four games of the Resident Evil series, so terror is the field

National Team: Ex-BVB Profi Weigl as Possible Kimmich

After Football National Trainer Hansi Flick has to give up to the start of the World Cup year on Joshua Kimmich from FC Bayern, DFB returnee Julian Weigl moves even more to the focus. The 26-year-old midfielder of Benfica Lisbon could celebrate his international fible comeback on Saturday (20:45) in the test match against Israel in Sinsheim after five years - and at the position of Kimmich, who initially at the expectation of his third child at home at his Partner remained. Flick wants to make a "picture" personally at the first course 2022 by the former BVB Profi Weigl, which is at Benfica power carrier. "Julian was not there for a long time. We know what he can, but we want to see him live," Flick said. He is looking for the World Championship at the end of the year in Qatar after a back-up for Kimmich: "Next to Jo Kimmich we need an alternative." He needed on the position of the Sixser another player who could "be a kind of stabilizer"

Free Cricker Games "Tap Ninja-Idle Game" is very good at STeam. Increase income in town creation, and eventually per second

At STEAM, some free games seem to be well received. Developer Broken Glass released a standing action game " TAP NINJA-IDLE GAME " on March 17th. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / iOS / Android. "Tap Ninja-Idle Game" is a clicker game expanded by horizontal scrolling. The player is an unknown ninja. Continue to run the stage, and if the enemy's appears, it will be cut out and truncated by a sword. The wolf can be removed and it can be obtained. And while the ninja continues to run, the player can make the city. By holding the tab and investing money, you can upgrade various city facilities such as farms and mines. The facilities in the city will continue to save money automatically as they grow up. As the amount you get in seconds increases, the more you get in the city, the more you go without clicking, and you will get money without clicking. The money earned this way also leads to upgrading the ninja itself skills. Means of increasing the nu

Game or reality? Cosplay by Ellie from Last of US 2 is the hammer!

Often it is large role-playing games that serve the community as a template for elaborate gaming cosplays . The fact that it can go differently shows the latest work of Künsterlin "Karenscarlet", which has recently been seen at It has opted for a cladding from the world of the more gloomy action adventure The Last of US 2 . Great Ellie Cosplay from The Last of US 2 Looking at gaming cosplays Great Ellie Cosplay from The Last of US 2 "Karenscarlet" seems to appear a great worshiper of Ellie from The Last of US 2 . That's why she decided to make a suitable costume and let himself be photographed in it. How well that has succeeded, above all an impressive comparison picture shows that its panel opposes with a scene from the game directly. The cosplay impresses with its enormous detail compared to the original. It starts with the right hairstyle and does not listen to such small details such as the injuries and scars on the face for a long tim

3. League: Waldhof Mannheim climbs after win against 1860 Munich in fourth place

The former Bundesligaister Waldhof Mannheim has conquered the fourth place in the 3rd league. The pork halls prevailed in the pursuit duel against 1860 Munich with 3: 0 (1: 0). Marcel Costly (3rd) scored the fast 1: 0 for the Waldhöfer, after Munich's Torwart Marco Hiller had parished a trademeter of Dominik Martinovic. Costly was successful in marginal. Joseph Boyamba (65th, trading feet) and Pascal Sohm (90. + 4) increased in the second half. Mannheim has only three counter behind the 1st FC Saarbrücken on the relegation rank three. The Munich lions conceded after four wins earlier a stress and have as a table-sifted six points behind the FCS. After last four victories in recent five games, the MSV Duisburg had to accept a setback in the relegation battle in the second Sunday game. The Meidericher documents in the basement duel to the FSV Zwickau with 0: 1 (0: 1) and had to pull the Saxons pass by. Mike Könnecke (32.) met for the FSV, who won for the first time after five g

WoW BC Standard: One of the most effective giant

Every single time a prisoner is conserved, after that an item of added booty beckons as an incentive. If it prospers in maintaining all detainees before implementation, after that there is even a riding as a benefit: the battle bear of the Amani. An unique function of Zul' aman is that the RAID team is under time stress. Since every boss in Zul' aman has a detainee that ought to quickly be carried out. In Wow Burning Crusade Classic, players get ready for Zul' aman - and also therefore a crispy time run is waiting with a riding. While in "Retail Wow" the World First Race Tobt, the gamers from Burning Crusade Classic are wishing for the coming Wednesday, due to the fact that then the following Raid starts: Zul' aman draws in with brand-new Loot, new managers and also among one of the most special places his time. The original Zul' aman trailer from then you can see below: Most recently, sources such as Urnether and also Nethervortex are no more sou

The second second place is the figure as a holiday house! "GHOST OF TSUSHIMA" Seisei Seiki's full height 60 cm, weight 14.7 kg of 1/4 scale statutus reservation started

Prime 1 Studio starts a reservation of " " " " as a statue of time drama action adventure " Ghost of tsushima" ** handed by soccer punch production. did. "Hitoshi Hitoshi Hitoshi House" is a 1/4 scale polystone statue, three-dimensionalized as the company's Ultimate Premium Masterline. In the figure where I was allowed to wear only in the Semicro family, I was in the figure where I was in the first place in 2020, and I was different from Hitoshi Women as a person in the first installment. It is a full atmosphere. In addition, in the DX bonus version, it is possible to change the style by the replacement parts of the head and arm arms, and the "Faculty of the house of the house" logodisplay stand is also included. Size / Weight Total height: 60 cm Double Width: 41 cm Depth: 44 cm Total height: 53 cm total width: 39 cm Depth: 44 cm (when replaced by replacement parts) 1/4 Scale Weight 14.7 kg "Hitoshi Hito

Xbox Game Pass: New Games dates in March 2022

Microsoft calls the list of new games in the Xbox Game Pass for March 2022 \ - and confirms a previous leak. The insider Billbil-Kun had already predicted the new releases correctly, but he did not call exact appointments. With the confirmation of Microsoft is now determined on which days the individual games are included in the flatrate. Let's start with Shredders: The new snowboard game in the style of Amped will be released on March 17 in the Xbox Game Pass . The same day is also available the Fantasy Adventure The Dungeon of Nobilube: The Amulet of Chaos. Xbox Game Pass: New Games in March 2022 Departures in March On March 22, Tainted Grail follow: Conquest (console) and Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (Cloud, Console and PC) in the Xbox Game Pass. On March 24, you start the engines in Formula 1 simulation F1 2021. Patent you go to the South State Adventure Norco to the point. On the 29th of March follows the strategy highlight Crusader Kings 3 . On March 31, Weird West the

More Parkour's challenges heading to Dying Light 2 soon

One of the best things about Dying Light 2 of Techland is his parkour, so it's normal that the Nightrunner Trials are one of the most pleasant secondary contents of the game. There were a decent number at the launch in February 2022, and the Polish developer will add others very soon. Moreover, one of them is already available in play: the scorpion flying in the district of the garrison. It is a challenge based on checkpoints, with a gold medal awarded to beat it in a minute and 10 seconds. The Twitter The clip below shows some of the Parkour tasks you will need to overcome in Flying Scorpion. And more of these Parkour challenges will be added to the game for free "Very soon," says Dying Light Twitter account. To get an idea of ​​what awaits you, see All Nightrunner tests via the link. Always play at Dying Light 2? Share your impressions on the game in the comments below.

ASHEN AD FLINTLOCK: The Siege of Dawn, available this year on PS5, PS4

Ashen, who was originally published in 2018 before being worn on PlayStation 4 a year later, is one of the best souls-likes undeveloped by fromSoftware. Go play it if you have not already done so, because it will serve as a perfect starter for the next title of A44 Games: the new Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Thanks to an exclusive revelation of IGN, you can consult the trailer above. He should go out on PlayStation 5 and PS4 later this year. It is an open world action RPG where "the living are at the edge of the extinction. It's time for the coalition army to take up their world. Embrace revenge, cannon powder and magic and embark on an epic trip to lead the final seat of humanity against the tide of death. It is said that the fight turns sharply around the protagonist's ax Nor Vanek as well as shooting game and magic. You will also have a canine companion at your side at any time named Enki. Other screenshots can be viewed below. Do you like the Flintlock look: The

The fire Ring Todeswurzel.

The Deathroot items of Elden Ring are distributed over the countries and to detect quite difficult. The use of these items is not very clear, but let us help you find it as soon as possible. These little necrotic tubers are both rare and valuable. They are essential for any stained, which wants to carry out certain faith-based builds in Elden Ring. With a total of six death roots, which are located on the huge map of Elden Ring, they are pretty hard to get, even if they know where they are. Death roots are, as they might guess, are associated with powerful necromantic magic, so player normally bosses them after fighting with undead or in catacombs full of angry skeletons. Most of them are easy to reach according to the many Tibia Mariner boss fighting in the game. Each of these soul-leading bosses drops a reward. Take a look at the list below to see all DEATHROOT locations, and remember that this will be a grind. It's a process that is so great that you need it throughout your

Russian Monaco owner donates for war victims in Ukraine

Russian oligarch donates for Ukrainian war victims: club owners Dimitrij Rybolowlew dissociates itself at the French football first division as Monaco to Russia's attack on the neighbors Ukraine not only by words of President Vladimir Putin and supports the suffering civilian population in the war area with donations. To the amount of Rybolowlews conducted over the Red Cross led the association of national player Kevin Volland and U21 European Champion Ismail Jakobs no detailed information. The scope was merely called "considerably". "It is absolutely necessary to support those who suffer the most," Rybolowlew explained in Monaco's press release. Accordingly, the billionaire not only used funds from the cashound of the Mondassen, but also by the account of his Belgian association Cercle Bruges and from other companies from the possession of his family, "to make humanitarian aid". Putin's name used Rybolowlew in the statement as little bit

Final price of GTA 5 and GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox Series: launch offer

GTA 5 approximates the current generation of consoles. After knowing all the details and technical improvements of this version, users wonder how much Grand Theft Auto V will cost at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series ; The same with the individual modality of GTA Online, destined to those who do not intend to be done with the individual mode. Although Rockstar Games hXbox not confirmed in its official communications, these prices, from PS Store and Xbox Store (the digital portals of both platforms) already reflect both the price Xbox the discount we will have a launch. Final price of GTA 5 and GTA Online in PS5 and Xbox Series GTA 5 for PS5 : 39.99 euros. On offer for 9.99 euros until June 14 (75% discount). Includes GTA Online. GTA 5 for Xbox Series : 39.99 euros. On offer for 19.99 euros until June 14 (50% discount). Includes GTA Online. GTA Online for PS5 : free for any user until June 14 (requires PS Plus). Then it will cost 19.99 euros. Online GTA for Xbox Seri

Where to find the queen of custody in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an extensive world with enemies with which you need to fight, bosses with which you need to die, and weapons that can be used. The cruise queen is one of those mini bosses you can kill, but if you defeat it, there will be very valuable weapons. That's where to find the queen of custody. Ruins of the forest cruise suite What falls from the queen of herues? Ruins of the forest cruise suite South of Limgreiva in Cracking Peninsula You can find the Queen of the Semi-sundose in Ruins of the forests of custody . To gain access to the crying peninsula, you will need to go south from the ruins burned by Dragon and cross the bridge of sacrifice, fearing the ballists and enemies here during the transition. Activate the place of grace "Bridge of Sacrifice" when you go. Hence Go to the west to the forest and find the forest ruins of cruise suite. The queen of herue will be in the center of Ruins surrounded by his minions. This fight can be difficult, and the

How to access VIP

FIFA 22 has recently released special in-game awards in cooperation with Apex Legends. FIFA Ultimate Team Awards include various cosmetic items, such as home form, badges and typho, which are dedicated to the popular Hero-shooters of Battle Royale. Fifa-Apex Legends crossover also includes a completely new VIP zone that players can use to configure their FUT stadium. You can access the Phase Runner VIP zone, buying the final set of "legends" in the in-game store for 180,000 FUT or 1 500 coins FIFA coins . For those who are interested, Phase Runner in Apex Legends is a massive teleportation device that can be seen on a huge part of the Olympage map. Now you can use the VIP zone created on the basis of this unique element from Apex Legends. The LEGENDS Ultimate Bundle kit also includes kits and badges inspired by characters such as Wraith, Gibraltar and Octane. In addition, you also get Tiffo Olympus XL and the topic of the Legends stadium. Do not forget to capture th

Pokémon joins Kill the Kill for this intelligent combination

The world of pokémon has only grown over the years, and the series recently confirmed that it would grow further with a new generation of pocket monsters that will be presented in the upcoming games of pokémon scarlet and violet . With Ash Ketchum acting as the main anime Pokémon coach, crossed art with the Kill Anime Series imagines a very different character assuming the role of Pokémon coach with a very appropriate own pocket monster. If you are not familiar with the 2013 anime series of _matar to the prey, the history of the Studio Trigger television program revolves around a young woman named Ryuko Matoi, which joins the student body of the Honnouji Academy, a high school Dominated by his Student Council. Instead of having an ingenuity battle, Matoi decides to defeat the Student Council using her attire, which is a sensitive attire that gives her superhuman skills while she gives you a wild transformation sequence to start. The series had twenty-four episodes in his name, endin

Walter looks at the HSV: "This troupe never stops on"

Players who have to slip as losers of a training game on all fours and with their nose over the lawn were getting used to. For acting all. The professionals, the observers. Not for Tim Walter not. The 46-year-old football teacher started in the summer with the goal in Hamburg to initiate a change of mentality. Losing nerves. In every game, in each exercise unit. Just always. The memorable cup of cup on Wednesday with a 3: 2 victory after penalty shooting against Karlsruher SC was the next proof that Walter works. The HSV was in the past a reliable candidate for repressing playing again or just then not to be there when it matters. The proof of whether this succeeds this year is still out. Since the 2008 descent, the former Bundesliga Dino has not yet had a single (!) Second lit game in the month of April, so in that seasonal phase, in which it goes to the target straight. Nevertheless, Walter's HSV is already another - because his players can come in the garment of indomitable. A

Badge coin gate with battle victory! "Badge coin competition battle" "Castle and Dragon" held from March 2 (Wed)!

Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ototani) is well received in App Store · Google Play, "Castle and Dragon", "Castle and Dragon", "Trophy Badge Coin Battle Battle" is March 2022. It was notified that it will be held from the 2nd (Wed). basic information Company Profile Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ototani) is well received in App Store · Google Play, "Castle and Dragon", "Castle and Dragon", "Trophy Badge Coin Battle Battle" is March 2022. It will be held from the 2nd (Wed). ◆ "Castle and Dragon" Official Site: A battle event "Trophy Battle" fights for 3 days from March 2 (Wed) to get trophies in the game. This time, when I win the battle, "Badge coin battle battle with trophy", which is given by "badge coin" to three times a day. Don't miss th