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Patterned attraction - female characters

Love in video games is a territory scarcely treated from a true prism, since its presence is mostly subject to a narrative utility Simpson. Find stories that are not a more collectable, that expose the complexity of personal relationships we can experience and that, to be, do it from a healthy aspect, it is a challenge that as a community, a medium and industry we have extended. This vicious circle has only stopped, hardly, when from web pages to specialized magazines they have opened the door to different authors to talk about this and other matters, thus breaking with an ideal instated by a few for their personal enjoyment, instead of democratized Related to the affection exposed in the video game, of which there are two texts, the love that jumps from the screen to our hearts is another of the sticks of the deck. I refer to the one who comes us when in pixels an affection appears for a fictitious character that overwhelms us and that we can not control, since, although it is often talked about the bowels of a video game, there is rarely spoken of what the video game, or his elements, like the characters, awaken in us.

Having a crush with someone does not understand ages or media, because even in fiction works we can meet one or more characters and feel irremediably attempts. For many, that do not have all, the first sensation tends to be visceral, an act that can not be controlled, and it does not matter that we know more or less than Elle, because we always use the imagination to fill the holes with that being that we have in the Screen or paper. This is carried out because, although the trend in many current works is to appeal to the sensation of humanity, showing the vicissitudes, we should not forget that the details we receive are a small part of the whole identity, subject to the needs of the Script of the work. Therefore, we idealize that Individual based on our tastes and desires, always seasoned by the expertise or the objective of the character creators, since if it joins a skillful author, he has the ability to make us feel attraction or hate for someone chimerical.

Precisely, an alternative to the traditional annual list that is both stile in the summaries of video game media and that continues falling in love each year is the BAES catalog (before Anyone Else, which translates as before anyone ) and characters Female from all Gamers. In it, those characters appear that, in one way or another, have attracted the drafting of the wording. Populating about it, I asked myself why this could happen, if you have experienced it in the same way and to what extent on our adventures and misadventures between consoles and computers was born a spark of love for so many characters that have accompanied us to throughout abundant or scarce years interacting with the environment. From that first arrow, of childhood or preadolescence, to a more or less solid maturity, which alludes to that affection is not a matter of age, although it is the way we experience them and respond to it. The answer is that fall in love and / or wish fictional characters is not unusual for nothing.

It is interesting to know that the experiences have studied the lovers aimed at fiction characters, reaching the conclusion that it occurs due to the activity of our brain. Thus, it has been discovered that biologically our brain response does not distinguish between a sensory experience produced by fiction or reality since, be it or another, the same areas of the brain are stimulated, although the perception of reality does distinguish between both situations. In this way, encounters with characters in a video game or people on the street can make us feel the same, especially if we believe it meets our expectations. To all this, a large part of the personalities that occupy films, series, books, comics and video games can make us remember traits of real people that we have met, or we know in reality. That information encourages certain tendencies, either the love or abhorrent. Therefore, it is largely empathy, that ability to perceive the feelings, thoughts and emotions of other people, which also acts when we talk about fictitious entities.

As we read, we see or play, we narrow ties with the character that we have fallen in love, either because of his character, his physique or both. If it has, that attraction or infamous can be managed from any of the attributes or the whole of them, being those who appreciate something you want for you or for others. However, personal motivations that can favor someone have a crush with a character can be very varied. Since looking for a better version of Notes, until emotional attachment. From the crush, of love and love, which look like almost universal concepts, has been spoken from the beginning of civilizations and permeates the foundations of societies. Even so, it is an idea, derived from emotions, which has been twisted in favor of causes or structures (patriarchy and capitalism, for example). Consequently, it is something that moves to video games, with characters designed Ex profess to attract us or unless we put my eyes on them or with their own genres to fall in love and conquer different characters, some following the wake of stereotypes and Prejudices, and others breaking them in their favor.

Therefore, and inspired by the work of all Gamers with their BAES, I launched a question in my Twitter profile by knowing what they were individuated that, in my circles, provoke Platonic lovers or unbridled attraction. In the responses received, a numerical closeness between female and masculine characters is appreciated, the first ones being more chosen, but not by far. This contrasts effusively with the romantic listings that are published in the video game, in which women seem to be the main claim. Also, among the names that have appeared, none corresponds to a non-binary character. Given the little introduction of these in video games, it seems logical, although it indicates the lack of overwhelming diversity of the environment. However, it is nice to contrast it with the fact that there is a certain heterogeneity in tastes, although several names (Jill Valentine, Harris, Light and Nathan Drake) are alluded to multiple occasions. Moreover, if you look at the elections, this happens more among the female characters, who tend to be repeated (Lady Dimitrescu, Ally, Lara Croft, Abby, Bayonet ta, Mórrígan, etc.), which in the masculine (Dante, Notes, Gore Maxima, Yusuf, etc.).

We could well relate this conclusion to the means of developing a greater amount of male characters, which no more worked on variety, being several of the preferred elections among the female characters that have left behind body rigidity by bodies something Diverse (Abby, Lady Dimitrescu, Ally...). In fact, during 2021 we contemplate the phenomenon around Lady Dimitrescu, one of the antagonists of Resident Evil Village. The femme fatale and the daughters of her, vampires of a castle that Ethan, the protagonist of the delivery, must escape in search of his daughter, had a prompt and ardent response on social networks. Being stripped with a personal identity and history, the reputation of Alaina Dimitrescu was associated with the erotic slope, turning it into the crush of millions of players. She scaled both the eroticism of the figure of her, which is easy to find thousands of feints and videos that she is reduced to the desire of others. A desire focused on eroticism and sexuality, because before knowing her personal history of her players and there were codification in that kind of attraction. That is, both the company and the community itself have used the character, created based on real professionals, as a claim or sexual object according to the interests of each ONE.

That we feel attracted or have sexual fantasies with fiction characters is not a problem. In my opinion, the main upset of this is born of the extension and magnificence of desire, generalizing the attraction in a single typology and generating, in turn, a strong consumption linked to capitalism. Video game companies know what they design and what they advertise, as it happened with Resident Evil Village. While the players were thrown fully to contribute all kinds of delicate content, the first instigate are the developers. Thus, I believe that the responsibility of in what terms we expose the desire and if we transform it into something utilitarian falls on the whole community and industry. Not only because it is often in an unethical way, as when the networks are flooded from feints pornographic, even with the face of a real person (in the case of Lady Dimitrescu, is Helena Minkowski), but because we focus it as a Unique approach. Of course, the attraction is something natural for many people, but nor do you even feel the same as having it, nor do we do it in the same way, nor should we accept that there is only one approximation valid for love, sexuality and its variants, as if of a Closed code was dealt with, similar to the modeling of video game characters.


Of course, a substantial part of the population has gone through crushes throughout our lives, although at other times it was not known by the English word. Whether it was idols (actors and / or actresses, singers, etc.) and nearby persons, or fictional characters and / or created in our imagination, desire and / or love may have touched our door on more than one occasion. However, it is wrong to think that you have crushes, or that start from the same typology of attraction and start at the same age. Personally, I began to have them with animation series subjects during preadolescence, but soon I went to video game. I remember having a small or great arrows with Squall of Final Fantasy VIII, Rose de The Legend of Dragoon, Placard de Sastlevania and AYA de Parasite Eve, but there is more. Some of them have been left behind, transforming into small anecdotes of my past, but others, like Placard, are still well inside my heart. If I compare what caused me then, now I am able to distinguish between those who produced me attraction, admiration and affection, although all of them have been and are crushes. But in that stage he did not have to clear what my emotions were about it. This led me to an internal conflict.

It is assumed that in adolescence, love and sexuality bloom, so the typical conversations revolve around those two points. Meanwhile, I could not understand the ease with which a character of a video game or a series could end up in someone's sexual fantasies. For years, I pretended that also happened to me. He said yes when they asked me if I was going to me, as it would put him in my bed, as you rest, while I argued with myself if he was spoiled. Because it's like I felt. Until a few years ago, I did not know that there are people who only feel sex if previously we have an emotional connection, nor that there are so many types of configurations about the attraction as an individual. Therefore, he could have an attraction towards the fictitious characters, but not the one that was expected or was normalized, who almost always focuses on physical. I also did not accept as part of me that I am bisexual before 24 years, which meant a revolution that I have not yet fully explored. The little sexual and affective education I received in adolescence focused on heterosexuality, binaries and monogamy, invisibilizing everything query. As I educated, I talked to diverse people, I began to assess love, sexuality, identity and attraction as a kaleidoscope in which you have to participate with our own standards.

Exposing them makes it change the rules of society, so items such as asexual and video games in all Gamers are a step in the direction of showing those realities that also exist and will not stop doing so, no matter how much there are those who try to be So. For my part, I am almost never comfortable with the treatment of love and sex in video games, both by the generalization and stereotyping of it, as for the little realism and tact with which it is addressed. But it is also that it is unfair that in a medium we sell as rich and diverse we are so much because of manifesting, getting hunted. Growing that the reference was heterosexuality, inside and out of video games, meant for me a limitation of who was like a player and person, because the narratives we experience not only affect the way of approaching us and what surrounds us, but to what we can explore, ergo, to the knowledge of a MIME and other people. Delete it or omit it is equivalent for many players to feel out of the way, in the same way that treating it in an erroneous way can cause greater prejudices and misunderstandings that impact those who try to live without discrimination or rare looks at our passage.

Loving is such a diverse, plural and overwhelming act that is worth exploring it with respect and affection in and from all its aspects. Video games still limit that perspective, transforming it into something functional or stereotyped that does not reflect the myriad of players. Hence, perhaps one of the most obvious examples of this positioning is the generation of crushes for the community, but they are not a few times in which an unreal image or abusive relationships in the middle is not romped. Have a crush with one or several fictitious characters, by very worrying that it can come to seem, in reality it even causes benefits, as an increase in our empathy, it is not the only thing we should stay. So, although we continue to be debating whether technology will get an artificial intelligence or not fall in love with us in a video game, although we do not know the implications of affection within the code that we manage in the program or although no matter how much we investigate the love We get to decipher some of their enigmas, we could start by visible and respect the various realities that exist between less players. That is, accept and love Today in the environment, industry and the community, vindicating from there the heterogeneity of sexuality, affection and identity.


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