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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Collect Star Splits & Star Splitter

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And suddenly they fall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons from the sky: Starting! But they are not only nice to look at, but they provide you with star chips. You will learn in this guide:

  • When you can see the shooting stars in the sky
  • What are the star splinters and what you do with it
  • How your Zodiac furniture builds

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When do I see shooting stars in the sky?

It's like in true life: Starting stars in the sky can also be seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons only if he is cloud-free. As soon as this is the case on your island, keep your eyes open and set up your view Because it's just a matter of time until the first shooting star.

If the sky is cloud-free, you can discover between 7 pm and 4 o'clock in the morning Star Soups discover. Especially when Melinda refers to a meteor chill in the course of her daily announcement, you should drop by from 7 pm on your island. Then fall even more shooting stars than usual.

Another indication of a meteor chill is Leukemia, the red owl sister of Eugen . You can meet you once a week on your island, but not each of your visits will be accompanied by a meteor show.

By the way: Experience Leukemia always on as soon as you see her. You gives you every time a new recipe for which your star chip needed.

How do I start shooting stars?

It's hard to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's shooting stars, but you must pay two things . Point 1: You should ideally stand on an elevated spot on your island, from which your free view of the sky. Alternatively, you can also place the beach and look over the sea. Pushes the right joy-con up, so that your figure looks upwards.

Point 2: Does not hold anything in the hand if your shooting stars want to catch. As soon as you see the bright celestial body, the A button presses to your Nintendo Switch. Then your figure turns to you and wishes something.

If you are asking you what it brings you if you wish your something: Pro request you will receive a star chip , with which you can again make new furniture or garments.

What are the star splinters, and where do I find them?

For every wish you manifestly, you will receive a star chip. However, the lands in your inventory, but you have to collect him first. So the next day you should drain the entire coast of your island and look for the small fragments. The maximum number of star chests that you can collect is 20 pieces. Accordingly, you do not need to catch more than 20 shooting stars during the night.

Distributed on the beach you will find the Yellow Star Splitter , of which there are most. If a light blue fragment is lying in front of you, it is a huge splitter. However, there are also zodiac splitters, which can be in many other colors in the sand.

What can I make with star chips?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are several craft instructions for which your star chip needed. Talk to the very first time Leukemia, you will receive the instructions for a star work . So you can quickly switch between eight stored outfits without having to race every time the wardrobe.

Star sign furniture with star chips

Every month you have a 10 percent chance after your shooting stars have caught that your zodiac splitter finds on the beach . These are special fragments that you need to build zodiac furniture. Thus, for example, you will find Libra Splitter only between 23.9. And 22.10., Scorpio splitter only from 23.10. Until 22.11., etc. In the following, you will find an overview when you find which splinters:

  • Capricorn splitter: 21.12.-19.01.
  • Aquari-Splitter: 20.01.-18.02.
  • Fish splitter: 19.02.-20.03.
  • Aries splitter: 21.03.-20.04.
  • Bull Splitter: 21.04.-21.05.
  • Gemini Splitter: 22.05.-21.06.
  • Cancer Splitter: 22.06.-22.07.
  • Leo splitter: 23.07.-22.08.
  • Virgin splitter: 23.08.-22.09.
  • Libra splitter: 23.09.-22.10.
  • Scorpio splitter: 23.10.-22.11.
  • Sagittarius Splitter: 23.11.-20.12.

The craft instructions for the zodiac furniture will receive you once a month of Leukemia as soon as you have given you the instructions for the star rod. For each zodiac sign you can make a piece of furniture:

  • Capricorn sculpture
  • Square jug
  • Fish lamp
  • Swing Aries
  • Bull bath
  • Gemini cabinet
  • Cancer table
  • Lower wall decorations
  • Jungfrau-Harp
  • Scorpio lamp
  • Protecting Bow

Making universe decorations

If you ask you what Leukemia still has on craft instructions in Petty: She also supplies us with universe decorations. In total 35 templates you can get from Eugene sister and thus reduce your home to the small NASA station. As mentioned earlier: We can only recommend you to pay regular Leukemia, so that you have all the star sign and universe recipes for short or long. Other guides and news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Museum Day — find all stamps Animal Crossing: New Horizons artworks — How to recognize counterfeits Animal Crossing: New Horizons — How to play with friends Visits us Facebook and Instagram and discuss with us about your favorite games!


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