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Animal Crossing: New Horizons do not feel like the old parts

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video clip game series established as well as released by Nintendo. The series was conceived as well as developed by Satsuma Gucci as well as Hisashi Noemi. In Animal Crossing, the player character is a human that lives in a village lived in by various humanlike pets and also can do different activities like angling, bug capturing, and also fossil hunting. The series is notable for its open-ended gameplay as well as use the computer game console's interior clock and also calendar to simulate actual flow of time. Since its preliminary launch in 2001, 5 Animal Crossing video games have actually been released worldwide, one each for the Nintendo 64/pique Player (boosted and editioned for the Gamete), Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch Over. The collection has been both seriously and also commercially successful and also has actually marketed over 60 million devices worldwide. Four spin-off video games have additionally been launched: Animal Crossing: Delighted House Designer for Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: Amino Event for Wii U, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for smartphones and Animal Crossing: Happy House Heaven for the Nintendo Switch.

Everything was better before. You got a scoop of ice cream for 50 pence, you could see the Backstreet Boys still without irony hear and at Christmas it was enough to give even painted images. And if we are to believe many voices of Animal Crossing fans of the first hour, then everyone's favorite game series used to be any better. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons the gaming world by storm, are finding more and more fans from back then that it no longer feels like before. But is this really true? And where does this feeling?

Now that I have even been many hours in Animal Crossing: New Horizons've spent, I can say: I love it, but also with me arises not the same feeling as in Animal Crossing one for the N64 and Gamete or Wild World. And this is no mere nostalgia, but has some good reasons. Let thus times our detective hats on.

The author

20 Things Animal Crossing: New Horizons Doesn't Tell You Hardly a franchise dissolved in Geraldine ( @ mighty dynamite) so nostalgic like Animal Crossing. She loves her memories as a child Animal Crossing: Wild World played with the DS on her knees on the balcony of her parents' house. So much so that they even New Horizons plays exclusively in handheld mode to the feeling of that time to bring them back.

Why are there Animal Crossing?

To really understand the following points, we need a little digression as Animal Crossing Anna originated 2,001st The Animal Crossing father Satsuma Gucci developed the game because of his own experiences to draw to a new city and a new beginning. With all that goes with it: New friendships, things for the first time experience, but sometimes loneliness and failure. And of course, an absurd amount debt in order to afford a roof over their head.

And these are the things that Animal Crossing feeling make up the old and all of which are not to be found more in New Horizons. Starting with the residents.

Insult me!

Imagine times, it moves to a new city. Your corrupt landlords laugh you advocated that you do not have enough money, makes a snide remark about your body size and the first neighbor, you meet, you called a fat waste of time. The first Animal Crossing was the natural order of the day. And it was great!

Sure, as a kid, it was me ever unsettling when my dearest residents told me that my face was repulsive. But today I want back the time of the wild insults. Anything is better than the same old dialogues about gardening and the beautiful weather in New Horizons. Although it has always been, is in the new part more than ever clear that there are only eight characters with different skins. And some of which are still frighteningly similar. Who do you like better, the grouch-eagle in white or the grouch-eagle in brown?

Dialog 1 Dialog 2

Apart from the fact that in New Horizons even the grouch and snooty characters have nothing better to do than to tell me how they find me great. No wonder I in her place would have scared to tell me the truth — because I'm the queen of the world.

My road to tyranny

In fact, it is here not just that I miss the witty insults of the past, but also what they stood for: I was a nobody. At best, I could work up to a member of the community, but that was about the greatest feeling. New Horizons I am told on my first day on the ruler of the island, residents break upon any of my words into thunderous applause and everything just turns to me.

Therefore, it is also no strange if I suddenly have the power over the sleeping times of my residents, they can say, has to look like their house, and they have to ask permission even me to uh, in my dictatorship... to take off island community.

I could not control everything — that it was what the old Animal Crossing has identified. When I got to play in the evening, then some residents were perhaps already in bed. If I wanted to visit my favorite character at 14 o'clock, when I was sitting in school, he was the next day angry with me. If I did not play for a few days, I could expect a farewell letter from a beloved neighbor. (I'll never forget you, Door!)

Because Animal Crossing was earlier a life simulation through and through. With ups and downs, with things that were out of my power and with it even the more beautiful surprises. Honestly, when did you play New Horizon like a life simulation? Do you really talk to your neighbors, had a daily routine and experienced small stories? Personally, I'm busy with the grind of Stars, Miles and Material, that I have completely abandoned the life simulation aspect. He also feels meaningless if everything can be solved without problems over the Internet.

By the way, Collegian Eleven has made a similar experience with the eternal grind stress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She had to capture Animal Crossing first, so that she could really understand it:

3 1

more on the subject

I had to mess up the game before I could love it

From the intimate experience to the mass phenomenon

A discord server with thousands of members where residents are offered for sale in the minute clock. Treasure islands on which one can produce every item and infinite a lot of money. A beet black market. Lists about lists, which characters best fit into my targeted island aesthetics.

Yes, at the latest since New Horizons Animal Crossing is not an intimate and unique experience anymore, it's something that is shared with the whole world. I do not experience any special stories with my residents, they are only mass-produced. Decoration objects for my island I give a topic like Cottage Core or Kid Core or Farm Core.

The last piece of puzzle in my deduction is the spread of Tom Nooks capitalism in my own reality. Have I already spent too much money for an Amino card my favorite resident? Absolutely. Did I buy a Newman account to buy rare items against a cart's cargo Guilty? And do not misunderstand the common play with others and the community are usually a great experience. But they are the last Sargent of the old Animal Crossing feeling, where you could only visit the islands of his friends with the exchange of Memory Cards.

But now it comes. Keep dressed and putting you on your Froggy Chairs, because I will hereby bring my careful detective work into wanders. I proclaim: New Horizons is perfect as it is.

Animal Crossing is not repeatable

It would have been absolutely impossible to sell another game as the original Animal Crossing or Wild World in 2020 again. Because if we are very honest: there were already damn little to do back then. Yes, we were able to talk to inhabitants and fish and set up our house, but at some point all the day came to us all that was exhausted, and we took the game last time.

In 2001, it was revolutionary and almost unique to have a game that continues in real time, lets you make relationships and can be played infinitely long — without a story campaign. 20 years later, this concept does not produce anyone behind the oven. That's why Animal Crossing needed a new motivation and new ideas to win again after a long time. The infinite individualization of their own island, the crafts and the link with other players is exactly what Animal Crossing has needed. But it is also the reason that it can not feel like that at that time.

And although I at least send back the nasty villagers, I probably just have to accept that the old Animal Crossings himself would not motivate me for a long time today. The time is over. That's why I enjoy my beautiful memories of that time and enter into a new Animal Crossing era. Let's see how those in 20 years looks like.


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Animal Crossing is a social simulation computer game series established and published by Nintendo. The collection was conceived as well as created by Katsuya Eguchi and also Hisashi Nogami. In Animal Crossing, the player personality is a human who lives in a town inhabited by various anthropomorphic pets and can do various tasks like angling, bug capturing, and fossil searching. The collection is remarkable for its open-ended gameplay and usage of the video clip game console s biological rhythm and schedule to mimic real flow of time. Given that its first release in 2001, 5 Animal Crossing games have been released worldwide, one each for the Nintendo 64/iQue Gamer (enhanced as well as editioned for the GameCube), Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and also Nintendo Switch. The collection has been both seriously and commercially successful and has sold over 60 million units worldwide. Three spin-off video games have actually also been launched: Animal Crossing: Satisfied Home Developer fo