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Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in the live ticker

Borussia Dortmund meets the 5th preliminary game day on Sporting Lisbon. Spot ticks the duel for you live.

Sporting Lisbon vs. Borussia Dortmund 3: 1 (2: 0)


| 1: 0 Pedro Gonçalves (30.), 2: 0 Pedro Gonçalves (39.), 3: 0 Pedro Porto (81.), 3: 1 Paint (90. + 3.)

Installation Sporting

| Adan — Feudal, Coates, Gonzalo Ignacio — Pedro Porto (88th Ribeiro), João Patina (82nd Tomas), Mathews Tunes, Mathews Rice (67th Edgier) — Pedro Gonçalves (88th Fabinho), Paulino, Arabia (67. Nun Santos)

Installation Dortmund

| Nobel — Meunière, Panoramic (66th Paradox), Kanji, Schulz (46th CAN) — Bellingham, Wiesel (66. Aloud) — Ranger (66th Tinges), Zeus, Brandt — Painting

Yellow cards


João Patina (55th), Coates (58.) / Paradox (74.)



Red card for Can (70th)

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Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in the Live ticker — 3: 1

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in the Live tick — Cardiff

    • 3.: TOOOOOOOR! Sporting CP — Borussia Dortmund 3: 1. The head goal. Brandt flanks from the left wing into the differ where Zeus extends to the long post. There is painting and pushes the ball from a short distance over the line.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Tor BVB

90.: Seven minutes will be replenished.

88.: Double change to the households. Porto is replaced by Ribeiro. In addition, double organs vote also goes under the applause of the spectators from the field. Fabinho is fresh in it.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Double Change Sporting

87.: Brandt pulls off again from 20 meters of half-linked position with the right foot. The ball just misses the right angle.

85.: Everything is going wrong for the BVB. Hang the heads. On the field and on the bench.

82.: Sporting changes again. Patina comes from the field and is replaced by Tomas.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live tick — Change Sporting

81.: TOOOOOOOOR! Sporting CP — Borussia Dortmund 3: 0. A gate that stands symbolic for the evening of BVB. Nobel holds the penalty of vote in the lower right corner strong, but the rebound lands on the head of Porto, which heads the ball into the left corner.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Tor Sporting

79.: The Spanish impartial does not need too long at the sight of the images to point to the point. Penalty for sporting.

78.: Paradox gets too late in his own penalty area against Paulino and passes him from behind in the chopping. He does not play the ball. Del Cerro Grande has contact with Var.

76.: Of course it will be very hard for the BVB. A man less, two goals in arrears. And actually the Dortmund needs two goals.

74.: In addition, several players see the yellow card. For example, Paradox, who really wanted to finish.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in the Live tick — yellow card for Paradox

74.: Wheel formation according to a supposed foul of CAN in midfield. Marcher players push through the area and suddenly Can sees the red card because of a supposedly.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in the Live tick — Red card for Can

70.: Adan jumps to a corner ball in Tinges and stays on the ground. The keeper wants to be treated, but then can continue to play.

67.: The Portuguese also change twice. Rice makes room for Edgier. In addition, Nun Santos comes into play. Arabia deviates for him.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Double Change Sporting

66.: The BVB changes triple. First, Aloud comes for Wiesel. In addition, Paradox becomes new partner of Kanji in the internal defense. Panoramic has work. Last but not least, midsummer Tinges comes into play. Ranger goes from the field.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Triple Change BVB

64.: Dortmund pushes, the ball plays around the penalty area of ​​the Portuguese back and forth. However, the degrees from the box are missing. Haaland is missing at all corners and ends.

62.: Dortmund increases the risk gradually. Sporting only plays on counter, Vote and Paulino park at the centerline to quickly switch.

60.: Bellingham tries it from 20 meters with the right inside. Adan has the insertion in responding.

58.: Subsequently there is still the yellow card for coats. Reason is a tactical foul in the midfield on painting he had crossed from behind.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in the Live tick — Yellow Card for Coates

57.: After a ball profit of Zeus in midfield, the Dortmund switches quickly over Brandt to halfway. The national player lies on the edge of the box across Bellingham, which has no free firing track. Dortmund becomes stronger.

55.: Patina comes to the midfield with his grassy against Bellingham in midfield and rightly looks the first yellow card of the game.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Yellow card for João Patina

54.: The ball is in the gate of the households. Feudal had stumbled the ball after a Meunière pass from the right half of the penalty. However, the Belgian was previously the pass from CAN in the away.

51.: Sporting is now more daring, power in the switching game steam. The BVB must be hell-looking for ball losses.

49.: Giant parade of Nobel. Vote and Arabia play a class double pass at a counterattack. In the end, Arabia is released in the right half of the penalty for the final, but fails on the sweeping plaque, which makes itself very big.

48.: CAN penetrate on the left side into the penalty area and wants to serve Zeus in the differ. There, however, vote clarifies to the corner.

46.: For the second half, the BVB changes the first time. CAN replace unlucky Schulz.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Change BVB

46.: Continue. The second pass is running.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Start 2nd half

Halftime: Borussia Dortmund was actually the sounding team in the first half, but is 0: 2 back at Sporting CP. There are two individual mistakes in the four-chain. First, Schulz Vote plays a ball in the run (30th), then Kanji clears the feet of the sporting striker, who laces the double pack in the 39th minute. The households had only two goals shots, but brought both in the gate. The BVB is in front of the Champions League.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live tick — Halftime whistle

43.: Sporting has chosen the maximum from the halftime. Two goals, two hits. For the BVB it could not have walked bitterly.

41.: On the other side, painting the ballot on the foot, because he fell through the back row of the Portuguese and then passing away with the ball even to goalkeeper Adan. In stumbling, the Dutchman brings the ball to the goal, but Ignacio clarifies on the line.

39.: TOOOOOOOR! Sporting CP — Borussia Dortmund 2: 0. Kanji wants to clarify a ball from the penalty area with a gross and does this exactly the feet of Vote, which slows the ball from 19 meters central position in the left angle. Nobel is without a defense chance.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Tor Sporting

37.: Schulz looks completely insecure. Hardly a ball acceptance succeeds the left-back, which is visible yet at 100 percent.

34.: The residue is very unhappy for the BVB. The Portuguese had hitherto with ball hardly solutions, and meet thanks to the defense block of Schulz with the first goal shot.

32.: On the opposite side, painting against coats in the right penalty area and bangs the ball from a pointed angle to the outer post. Previously, however, the referee had to see a foul of the Dutchman at the Sporting defender.

30.: TOOOOOOOR! Sporting CP — Borussia Dortmund 1: 0. Coates beats a long ball from the rearmost row high forward, where Schulz wants to take the ball from the air, but unfortunately extended in the run of vote. The striker can not be freely asked in front of pot from seven meters twice and pushes the ball past a goblet to the goal.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live ticker — Tor Sporting

28.: Hard use of Patina in the air against Bellingham. With the elbow he jumps to the Englishman in his neck. That gives free kick, but no warning.

25.: The degrees are missing. Only two times the BVB tried, Sporting has not left a shot on the door.

23.: You are just a little. It is to be realized how much is on the game. The BVB is the slightly more active eleven.

20.: Suddenly sporting to play the game build on the opposing penalty area. However, the BVB dissolves well over Nobel, Wiesel and Panoramic and freed from the clutch.

18.: Almost 60 percent ball possession in the initial phase for Russia. Sporting usually runs afterwards, but condenses the center.

16.: Ranger acts strongly in the initial phase against the ball. This is likely to fallen rose, which is satisfied so far in the coaching zone.

14.: Painting tries from 19 meters half-linked position with a flat right shot. Adan is initially on the way to the wrong corner, the ball can then defuse the ball in the short corner.

12.: Second corner ball for sporting, after Kanji blocks a flank in the left half of the steering line. Porto takes this short and brings the ball to the box afterwards. Nobel is on the spot and she sure in the differ.

10.: Meunière and Schulz play very offensive. The outer defenders are often possessed in possession at a height with Zeus, Ranger and painting.

8.: The initial phase is the guests. Dortmund has significantly more from the game, Sporting focuses on the defensive work.

6.: The BVB starts at the beginning of high pressing, already reaches around the penalty area of ​​the Portuguese. A probate remedy against a team that always seeks the playful solution.

4.: The first descent belongs to the BVB. Zeus tries it from 18 meters half-right position. Exactly in the arms of Adan.

3.: Meunière in happiness. In a duel at the centerline he comes to Arabia clearly too late and caught his opponent hard on the Achillesferse. Del Cerro Grande, however, puts the card.

1.: Let's go. The ball rolls.

Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League now in Live tick — kick-off

Before starting: Bitter: Guerrero has hurt himself at the warmth. There is now Schulz rear left in the four-chain in the starting eleven.

Before starting: at least: Due to the defeat of Besides Istanbul against Ajax Amsterdam (1: 2), the BVB is safe in the Europa League before kick-off. But that will not be enough to the Bundesliga. Dortmund was the clear favorite on the group win, reaching the K.O.-Round was considered a minimum goal before the start of the Champions League.

Before starting: Sporting has lost more games in the royal class against German teams (10) and more concedes collected (32) than against the team from each other country. Only one of the 13 games against German teams could win the Portuguese (two draws, ten defeats) — a 4: 2 victory against Schalke in November 2014.

Before starting: The statistics speak for the BVB: Sporting has lost all three previous European local encounters with Borussia Dortmund — all in the group stage of the Champions League since 2016/17. But Sporting is in a good mood: Eight goals shot the green-whites on the past two match days against Besides (four each in rounding match) — only one less than in the nine games before (9).

Before starting: It is a classic K.O. game around the axle finale. At the moment Borussia Dortmund is still on sporting on the 2nd place of the table in Group C, but also only due to direct comparison. The BVB won the first leg just as 1: 0. A defeat with more than one goal differed today would mean the safe. Should the direct comparison be balanced, it would go to the goal ratio after the last match day — and the BVB (-4) is significantly worse than the Portuguese (+2).

Before starting: At Sporting, after 2: 1 in the cup against Tarim SD seven new players are involved, only Mathews rice, Feudal, Mathews Tunes and Paulino start again.

Sporting CP VS Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League // 24-11-2021

Before starting: Rose replaces the locked bumblebee by Panoramic, which had taken place with statements about his tribe club Wolfsburg for indignation a few weeks ago. In addition, Ranger, who has hardly been a factor in BVB since its lending, is surprisingly in the starting eleven.

Before starting: The BVB setup is here: Nobel — Meunière, Panoramic, Kanji, Guerrero — Bellingham, Wiesel — Ranger, Zeus, Brandt — Paint.

Before starting: The game against Sporting is of paramount importance for black and yellow. With a victory, the Dortmund can already secure a ticket for the secondary final, as the BVB could defeat the Portuguese in the first round with 1: 0 and decides with the same number of points the direct comparison. Two games before the end, both teams have six points.

Before starting: At 9 pm, the game starts. The Studio José Alva lade is played in Lisbon.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Champions League game on the 5th match day. Borussia Dortmund is a guest at Sporting Lisbon.

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Sporting vs. BVB: Champions League today on TV and Livestream

If you want to pursue the game between Sporting and Borussia Dortmund live, this can only do this in Germany with a DAZN access. The transfer begins at 20.30 clock. For the game used are moderator Alex Scouter, commentator Jan plate and expert Sandro Wagner. Reporter on site is Daniel Duke.

Sporting vs. BVB is also available in the Wednesday conference. The conference starts at 18.30 clock and shows all today's games of the royal class. The subscription required for this will cost you either 14.99 euros per month or 149.99 euros a year. Articles and videos about the topic PSG debut? Ramos for the first time in the squad BVB considered objection against red card Experience the Champions League live on DAZN. Register now! Champions League: The table of C at a glance Rank | Team | Sp. | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Pkt. - 1 | Ajax Amsterdam | 4 | 4 | 0 | 0 | 14: 2 | 12 | 12 2 | Borussia Dortmund | 4 | 2 | 0 | 2 | 4: 8 | -4 | 6 3 | Sporting CP | 4 | 2 | 0 | 2 | 9: 7 | 2 | 6 4 | Besides | 4 | 0 | 0 | 4 | 2: 12 | -10 | 0


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